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Maintenance And Technical Support
For Your Cryogenic Equipment

Our specialists are always ready to consult you on any operational issues related to your cryotherapy devices.

  • Cryomed provides a 3-year warranty for the Cryomed One, Cryomed Pro, Cryomed Pro+ and Cryomed One+ cryotherapy chambers and a 2-year warranty for the Cryomed Mini and Cryomed Basic models.
  • The warranty for each cryo device covers replacement parts.
  • We also provide a post-warranty cryosauna service for an additional fee.
  • Using the post-warranty cryotherapy service, you can
    • a) opt for a yearly technical support subscription.
    • b) or pay per hour, as well as.
    • c) choose a technician’s visit for repair and maintenance.
  • Post-warranty service is also available for cryosauna firmware updates.
Cryotherapy technician and support for installation, maintenance and post-warranty service of cryotherapy devices
How much does cryotherapy maintenance cost? Take advantage of our cryo support and full warranty and post-warranty service.

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