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A qualified cryosauna operator is crucial for maintaining strong and healthy relationships between your business and customers. A technician with excellent communication skills can help create a positive and welcoming environment, thus improving customers’ overall experience and increasing the likelihood of their returning for future treatments.

Cryomed’s training programs aim at building strong cryotherapy knowledge, developing cryotherapy technicians’ confidence and skills, and supporting newly born cryo companies at the get-go to become strong competitors within the cryo industry.

Operator training also contributes to making whole-body cryotherapy centers a safe space for the clients.

Cryomed offers practical and theoretical training courses.

The scope of Cryomed’s practical course

The clients buying Cryomed’s equipment can get assistance in cryosauna installation and operator training. Operator training is available onsite or online.

The course covers the specifics of cryogenic equipment operation:

  • Installation requirements: ventilation, monitoring oxygen content in the treatment room, connecting and disconnecting liquid nitrogen tanks.
  • Nitrogen safety: handling liquid nitrogen, transportation and storage of liquid nitrogen tanks, safety precautions.
  • Conducting a cryotherapy session: customer briefing, operational sequence, correct customer positioning, monitoring the session, temperature and time control, effective nitrogen consumption management, actions in case of emergency.
  • Cryotherapy equipment maintenance and troubleshooting: cleaning and drying requirements, effective remedies, and action plans in case of equipment failure.

Upon completing the course, an operator gets a training certificate to confirm they are qualified for equipment operation. 

We offer a one-day training session at your location upon request to ensure that your personnel delivers top-notch services to your customers.

Besides, all our customers get free access to an in-depth cryotherapy learning course to receive science-based knowledge of cryogenic treatment and become competent service providers.

The scope of Cryomed’s advanced online cryotherapy course

Cryomed’s theoretical course is beneficial both for cryosauna technicians and cryobusiness owners. Operators gain knowledge to establish effective communication with customers and handle their most complex questions. Cryonepreneurs can use the course to identify potential target audiences and build promotion campaigns to expand their customer base.

The research-based course contains five blocks covering the most relevant aspects of whole-body cryotherapy:

  • Underlying mechanisms, applications, and limitations of whole-body cryotherapy.
  • Safety issues: handling liquid nitrogen, handling nitrogen equipment, legal protection of cryotherapy business. Customized settings for cryotherapy sessions.
  • Well-researched medical indications with cryotherapy as a part of treatment protocols.
  • Use of whole-body cryotherapy for athletic performance, post-activity, and post-injury recovery.
  • Benefits of whole-body cryotherapy for general well-being, vitality, and beauty.

Upon successful completion of the exam at the end of the course, the operator receives a certificate.

Why is cryotherapy training critical?

As a part of the cryotherapy providers’ community, Cryomed vouches for establishing industry standards that would build trust for extreme cold therapy and its safety.

On our part, we’d like to be sure that each cryosauna or cryochamber we sell is operated properly and with due caution, and that the customers taking a cryo treatment are getting the purported benefits without being at health risk.

From the point of view of a cryo business, operator training is worthwhile for many reasons:

  • promoting professional image,
  • gaining competitive advantage,
  • attracting more customers who prioritize competent and skilled servicing,
  • minimizing legal claims.

Cryomed offers comprehensive training to equip your staff with the necessary skills to effectively communicate with clients, as well as competently handle cryo equipment.

Please contact our sales team for detailed advice.

Cryotherapy specialist training
Cryotherapy specialist training