We are going for beauty in felt boots!

We are going for beauty in felt boots! - photo

The felt boots once associated with tough, frosty winters in the North are now essential for cryo recovery sessions. Your clothing for this procedure should be like for a hot day on the beach and boots like for a frosty day in the Arctic. This is the first and unforgettable impression in Cryosaunas of Cryomed ™.

The new model of Cryosaunas Cryomed PRO looks like an amazing spaceship. This is the most cutting-edge design of a single cabin in cryotherapy.

The benefits of extreme low temperature treatments have already been recognised worldwide. Nowadays cryosaunas are increasingly becoming an integral part of recovery for pro athletes as well as valuable modality in beauty industries. The beneficial effects of extreme low temperature treatments have been recognised by scientific community.

So how does the procedure work ?

All starts with felt boots.   To a novice cryosauna looks mysterious. Like a barrel or a fridge … it’s intriguing.

The Cryomed ™ makes a model of a single Cryosauna that is most comfortable and they come in different colours. The LED-backlight gives them a special charm. 

But how to enter this spaceship?

You simply step inside and a specially designed lift takes you to a level where the nitrogen will work on your body in the most effective way. The whole procedure is controlled by a trained staff who will ensure your comfort at all times.

The temperature during the procedure is between – 130 and -160 C and it works to tone up your body, relax and improve overall well-being.

A person in Cryosauna cabin should have a relaxing sensation while the procedure is in progress. Hence The Cryomed company has taken all aspects into consideration. The lift is designed for max weight of 250 kg which is enough to raise any giant.

Your head is entirely above the nitrogen filled barrel during the procedure and you can smile, relax and enjoy wonderful blinking of the device. The cold nitrogen makes you want to move and, in fact, it is recommended: with your hands placed on the specially designed edge of Cryosauna you move in a circular motion within the cabin.

Your feet in felt boots and your vulnerable parts covered in clothes. The session can take from a minute and a half up to 3 minutes. First time users can stay in the cryosauna for a minimum amount of time – that’s enough to activate therapeutic effect on the whole body anyway. For best results it is recommended one takes up to 10 sessions. It is possible to adjust the temperature to one’s own preferences and the session timing can be increased gradually. The goal is not to freeze human tissues but to give the body a positive shock which results in improved immunity which in turn strengthens body’s systems from within.

When the session is over you will be surprised to notice that although your skin feels cold to touch your body emits a pleasant sensation of warmth from within.

You will feel so great that you won’t even be sorry to take off the fashionable felt boots …till your next session in the cryosauna of Cryomed ™.