Healing stress with cold!

Healing stress with cold! - photo

All diseases are caused by nerves, and stress is an everyday companion in modern life. Radical conditions should be fought using radical methods. The extremely low temperatures in a cryosauna help the treatment!

Indications for general cryotherapy

Since the world has become a more informative place, the amount of stress has increased. People can’t keep up with the excess of information, and don’t have time to analyse it or adapt to the changes and maintain self-stability. So they are nervous and get ill.

And then a new trend arrived: now it’s cool to be healthy. Nowadays the healthy person is one who can survive in such an unstable world, can organize his own life, and can take care of himself.  “If the person is healthy – organized and takes care of himself, it means he will be organized at work as well and will take care of business” – that’s how employers think today. And they want to give jobs to healthy people. Healthy doesn’t only mean beautiful. It also means successful.

Cryosauna Cryomed PRO will help you to be beautiful, healthy and successful!

The healing cryomethod is about cooling to extremely low temperatures, which causes the narrowing of  blood vessels with the resulting expansion of not only active, but also inactive capillaries. All this increases blood flow, which means it increases the metabolism as well.

The human body receives a huge impulse, and starts working and healing itself from inside. The cryoprocedures help manage with stress, clean the organism, make the immune system stronger.

What about beauty, the skin cooling before using most of the medications and before procedures will really increase their healing effect thanks to the stimulation of peripheral circulation.

One warning – for cryoprocedures the body must be perfectly clean! None of the creams applied before the cryoprocedure are allowed. Because the moisture on the body in contact with the liquid nitrogen may cause skin burns. After the body cooling in cryosauna the cosmetics give a noticeably incredible effect!

And it’s not only about creams. After the procedure in Cryomed PRO we highly recommend you go for a massage, train in the gym, or do your losing weight program or anti cellulite treatment. You will love the effect, we guarantee!

With Cryomed Pro effective will be

  • Cosmetology. Anti-aging medicine, cellulite and overweight treatments.
  • Dermatology. The treatment of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, seborrhoea, acne.
  • Respiratory system diseases: asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumonia (not during the exacerbation!).
  • Neurology. The cryoprocedures will help fight against headaches, migraine, osteochondrosis, and joint pain. It gives relief to the whole nervous system.
  • Gynecology. It has a possitive impact on the endocrine system. For treatments of infertility, miscarriage, menopause, endometriosis, during the planning of pregnancy.
  • Rehabilitation. Cryotherapy is irreplaceable during the process of recovery after serious somatic, infectious and surgical diseases. After nervous disorders. For the inner balance regeneration.

With Cryomed PRO the procedures become not only healthy, but also aesthetic – the pleasant changing lighting LED makes it look like phototherapy.